Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Region updates 9.26.12

Central America and Mainland Mex are taking the cake this week as far as best swells go as overlapping SSW-SW pulses continue to build through the weekend... California comes in a close second as the second NPac swell of the season shows up and more Southern Hemi!!!  Sorry East Coast... not much exciting going on for the time being.

I've decided that I'm terrible about blogging, and need to start getting better... so I'm going to start by writing a quick little blurp about what's going on in the 3 main forecast regions.  As usual you can continue to read the details in my GSR forecasts, or check out for the updates over there. 


  1. Yes it is great that fall is here in California - October is usually a good time to be a surfer with the combo swells and good conditions and the summer beach crowds gone. Santa Cruz has returned from a long slumber (hasn't been pumping since April) this week and offered some really fun waves!

  2. It did have its moments this summer though. I personally snagged a couple of days at a couple of Santa Cruz's better S-SW exposures for some pretty fun surf in August. Last weeks WNW though was looking pretty fantastic!!! Can't wait to see the next big one!