Central America

Report Date: Fri. October 31, 2014
By Forecaster: Austin Gendron: austin@globalsurfreports.com

Tropical Conditions:
TS Vance is located several hundred miles S of Acapulco sustaining winds of 40knots right now.  The system is supposed to keep pushing west over the next day or so, and then the shear eases up and the system could strengthen into a hurricane with 55-65 knot winds Sunday.  Shear returns Monday as the system curves back towards Puerto Vallarta.  During this time the system should generate southerly winds that will kick up some windswell for Central and Northern Mexico.  The short-period energy will probably increase wave heights along the exposed coast into the head high to well overhead range, with breezy E-SE winds. 

Swell Forecast:
New background energy from the SW (210-225) that showed up yesterday should be peaking today and tomorrow with  2-3 feet of deepwater energy and periods around 15 to 16 seconds.  That's good enough for more waist to head high+ surf at the regions standouts.

Tropical swell will affect Central and Northern Mexico over the weekend adding short-period energy to the long-period swell in the water.  The expose coast will see head high to well overhead surf.

Elsewhere there will be a small to moderate mix of S-SW background energy lingering through the end of the weekend and early next week.

Helping to maintain at last waist to shoulder high+ surf at standout swill be some new background swell from the S (180-190) and SW (210-225).  The blend should peak with some waist to head high+ surf Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  Another round of SW (210-225) is due to arrive on Thursday and will maintain the small to moderate sized surf through the end of next week as the swell peaks Friday.

Beyond that, there's a couple of storms working their way around Australia over the next day or so, and a system popping up southwest of Tahiti over the next 24 hours.  This should help provide more 2-3 foot deepwater swell for the 8th and 9th of November.

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Weekly Outlook:
Friday the 31st, the SW swell peaks, with chest high to overhead+ surf at standouts.

Saturday the 1st, SW swell holds in the chest to overhead+ range at standouts.

Sunday the 2nd the SW swell eases as small S swell builds.  Standouts should be running waist to head high for most of Central America.

Monday the 3rd S-SW mix maintains waist to head high surf at standouts.

Tuesday the 4th S/SW mix peaks.  Standouts could be seeing chest to overhead+ surf.

Wednesday the 5th Wave heights ease a little bit, with standouts seeing waist to head high+.

Thursday the 6th new SW starts to build, adding a few more head high to overhead sets to standout breaks.