Central America

Report Date: Wed. December 14, 2016
By Forecaster: Austin Gendron: austin@globalsurfreports.com

Tropical Conditions:
No tropical cyclones at this time

Swell Forecast:
Small surf continues through Wednesday, but we should see things start to pick up a little bit more on Thursday thanks to a New Zealand system that generated another small SW (210-220) swell.  It could have some punch to it with longer periods.  Wave heights will build through Saturday peaking around waist to chest high+ for most standouts.  A few magnets could see some head high-head high+ waves though.

The long-range forecast is looking a little more exciting thanks to a solid system brewing south of the Pitcairn and Easter Islands right now.  The storm is expected to generate 25 to 30 foot seas with a mostly N-NE trajectory aimed at the region.  This is the best looking system we've seen in awhile, and its fairly close in proximity compared to the New Zealand storms that haven't amounted to much lately.  The end result should be a nice pulse of S-SSW (190-200) arriving next Tuesday with 17to 18 second periods.  The swell should build through midweek, and could peak with around 3 to 4 feet of deepwater swell, helping boost the surf up into the waist to head high range along the exposed coast, with standouts running head high to a couple feet overhead at better standouts.

Beyond that, the medium range models show a very slow and strong system moving out from under New Zealand later this week.  The system falls apart as it enters the South Pacific, but could at least generate 30-35 foot seas before it does so.  Although the storm is pretty far away, it looks like the fetch has decent trajectory sending another long-period pulse for around the 24th/25th from the SW (210-220).  Stay tuned.

One other quick note, which I will likely leave here through the month of December.  After almost 10 years working on Swellwatch, they are finally going to shut me down.  Budgeting changes I guess are the reason.  After December 31st there will be no more updates to this forecast.  You will still be able to read my reports though, as I will be writing for Solspot.com (http://solspot.com/content/central-america-long-range-surf-forecast).  The format is a little different, but its fun.  I'm not sure if I will continue to update the current formatted report on GlobalSurfReports.  Anyways, I want to thank everyone for the support over the years.  You have all been absolutely great, and the feedback and emails I get are always appreciated.

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Weekly Outlook:
Wednesday the 7th A little more energy from the SW could mean waist to head high surf at standouts, but for a lot of spots we could see size drop into the knee to chest high+ range

Thursday the 8th surf holds in the knee to chest high+ range.

Friday the 9th wave heights start to ease more, with most standouts running knee to chest high.

Saturday the 10th small knee to chest high waves.

Sunday the 11th, SSW-SW eases a little more, but overall should hold in the knee to waist high+ range.

Monday the 12th surf continues to run on the smaller side around ankle to waist high+.

Tuesday the 13th small surf in the ankle to waist high+ range.