Central America

Report Date: Fri. January 30, 2015
By Forecaster: Austin Gendron: austin@globalsurfreports.com

Tropical Conditions:
No tropical cyclones at this time

Swell Forecast:
Smaller SSW-SW (200-220) background pulses maintain 2-3 feet of medium period energy through the weekend.  Many places are going to see surf running knee to chest high.

The NW (295-305) combo energy has been a little inconsistent, for Central America but still bringing through a few chest to overhead high+ sets to better NW exposures.  Size and consistency are going to slowly ease through the weekend.

Next week is going to start off a little slow, but on Tuesday the 3rd there should start to be some new long-period SW (210-220) arriving.  The original storm after producing the pulse of SW worked its way east across the southern ocean, and over the past day or so it took a more northeasterly track, allowing a fetch of 30-35+ knot winds to take aim at Central America.  That should mean a better pulse of SSW  (185-205) on the 5th with 18 to 19 second periods.  This pulse should be more moderate sized as well as more consistent than the background pulses expected between now and then.  The swell could bring chest to overhead+ surf during its peak next Thursday/Friday.  Size could even hold into next weekend it looks like.  Top exposures could be seeing set waves upwards of a couple feet overhead to several feet overhead.

Beyond that, the models quiet down again, with mostly smaller background pulses being produced through early next week.  Midweek though a stronger system is shown taking aim at New Zealand.  After running into the lower island it moves east back into the South Pacific.  The models are very optimistic that the system could generate 35-40+ foot seas as it moves E-SE through the end of next week.  Pretty unlikely given the season in my opinion, but worth keeping an eye on it.  We could be looking at new long-period SW (210-220) around the 15th/16th if all pans out.  Stay tuned.

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Weekly Outlook:
Friday the 30th S-SW exposures continue to run pretty small in the knee to chest thigh range, a few of the better combo spots could see some shoulder to head high sets.

Saturday the 31st is looking similar to Friday, but less consistent.

Sunday the 1st NW swell and SSW ease  Standouts will be running waist to chest high.

Monday the 2nd smaller surf in the knee to chest high range expected for standouts.

Tuesday the 3rd, new SW starts to arrive with long-periods starts to build, but its going to be pretty small.  Could mean a few more waist to chest high sets at standouts.

Wednesday the 4th SW peaks as SSW builds, but slowly.  Standouts should be running waist to head high+.

Thursday the 5th the better pulse of SSW really starts to pick up with 16 sec periods.  Wave heights by the end of the day could be running chest high to overhead+ at standouts with bigger sets on occasion.