Central America

Report Date: Wed. November 25, 2015
By Forecaster: Austin Gendron: austin@globalsurfreports.com

Tropical Conditions:
Hurricane Sandra is currently located several hundred miles SW of Manzanillo, Mx with sustained winds around 100 mph.  The system is expected to strengthen over the next 24 hours on its northward trek, and it could end up reaching major hurricane status by early Thursday morning.  The storm is going to generate 15 to 20 foot seas over the next couple days, as it heads for Southern Baja.  This will deliver 5 to 10 feet of mixed swell to Central and Northern Mexico over the next couple of days. Peak day looks like Friday, and it could end up meaning overhead to double overhead surf for the exposed coast. 

Swell Forecast:
Smaller surf expected elsewhere in the region as a series of weak S-SW (180-220) background swell and windswell mix to bring waist to head high surf to the regions standouts through Thursday, likely smaller Friday and Saturday.

Sunday/Monday a new pulse of long-period S-SSW (180-195) arrives with 19 to 20 second periods.  The swell will build to a peak on Monday/Tuesday, with around 2-4 feet of deepwater swell.  This pulse should help bring back waist to head high+ surf.

Beyond that, the models over the next 24-36 hours are showing a quick little system south of the Pitcairn Is. producing 25-30 foot seas with a good NE trajectory.  With a second cut off low adding a little more energy near Easter Island early next week, this swell could arrive with with 19 second periods on Tuesday and build to a peak next Wednesday with another 2-3 feet of deepwater swell, potentially lingering for a couple days.  It should help maintain waist to head high+ surf at standouts through the middle of next week.  Stay tuned.

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Weekly Outlook:
Wednesday the 25th a little bit of SW energy could mean more waist to head high surf at standouts.

Thursday the 26th the SW starts to ease, mixing with a little bit of S swell.  Standouts remain in the waist to head high range.

Friday the 27th wave heights linger in the knee to chest thigh range.

Saturday the 28th more knee to chest high surf at standouts.

Sunday the 29th new S swell arrives helping boost wave heights into the waist to head high+ range.

Monday the 30th the S swell peaks in waist to head high+ range.

Tuesday the 1st the S swell lingers as new SW energy starts to arrive.