Central America

Report Date: Fri. April 18, 2014
By Forecaster: Austin Gendron: austin@globalsurfreports.com

Tropical Conditions:
Tropical season is over

Swell Forecast:
As SSW (190-210) from earlier in the week starts to fade a new run of SSW (200-210) 18 to 19 second periods will build through the day.  The peak will come Saturday/Sunday with 3 to 4 feet of deepwater swell.  Nicaragua and Costa Rica remain in the Galapagos shadow on this one, but there should be a fairly decent mix of S-SW (180-220) to make sure there’s still moderate to plus sized for standouts.  Mainland Mexico looks like it could see some more solid size from this new swell, with wave heights at standouts running well overhead.

The next S (175-195) should start building Sunday.  The shadowed areas will continue seeing chest to head high+ waves while standouts and better southerly breaks get some solid overhead to well overhead surf as the swell peaks late Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Size will slowly ease through Friday, maintaining fun moderate sized surf for standouts.

Looking further out the mid-range models show another complex storm getting some NE movement south of the Pitcairn Islands over the weekend.  It’s looking solid  right now.  The SSW (190-210) swell should start building with 20-22-second periods late Thursday/early Friday.  So far the models are looking good for a 5 to 7 foot swell for next weekend.  That means surf jumping up into the overhead to double overhead+ range for standouts, bigger for deepwater spots… I repeat.. SOLID SWELL.  The original storm will slowly fizzle south of Easter Island through next week sustaining moderate sized swell out of the S (180-200) through the end of the month.  Stay tuned.

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Weekly Outlook:
Friday the 18th new SSW builds through the day  Wave heights could be running overhead to a couple feet overhead+ at standouts, with average spots running chest to head high+ late in the day.

Saturday the 19th the SSW holds its peak with wave heights in the overhead to well overhead range at standouts, more moderate in size in shadowed areas.

Sunday the 20th a new S-SSW swell starts to build as the SSW eases slowly.  Wave heights will back off a little bit, but should still be chest to overhead+ at standouts.  Bigger sets at top breaks.

Monday the 21st, S-SSW continues to build, with head high to several feet overhead of sets at standouts.

Tuesday the 22nd S-SSW swell should hold with chest to overhead+ surf for average breaks.  Set waves at standouts and deepwater spots should be running well overhead.

Wednesday the 23rd Surf starts to slowly ease through the middle of next week. Size will back off a little more.

Thursday the 24th most of the day will continue to see moderate sized surf in the chest to head high+ range. late in the day there could be some new long-period energy filling in.