Central America

Report Date: Mon. August 31, 2015
By Forecaster: Austin Gendron: austin@globalsurfreports.com

Tropical Conditions:
Hurricane Jimena is a strong storm out near Hawaii right now, but will send small W-WNW (270-290) swell expected to trickle in under the radar through the week.  Another low developing 750 miles S of Cabo San Lucas is expected to make a more northward track, sending a little bit of medium period energy to Central and Northern Mexico later this week.  Size looks trivial compared to the incoming SW swells due later in the week.

Swell Forecast:
SSW-SW (210-220) that arrived over the weekend peaks today and should be bringing plenty of head high-well overhead surf to the regions standouts today and tomorrow before easing Wednesday and Thursday.

A system off the coast of SW chile late last week has kicked up a little pulse of S (180-190) swell that should arrive with 18-second periods arriving late Wednesday and slowly building to a peak with around 2-4 feet of deepwater swell Friday.

The S swell will be gobbled up by a larger pulse of 20-second SSW-SW (205-215) arriving Friday the 4th.  This is from storm activity currently south of Tahiti.  The large storm was close to the ice, but generated 35-40 following another similar system that last Thursday.  The result should be a couple of overlapping pulses with long 20-second periods building to a peak late in the weekend. The swells may be a little inconsistent, but the peak on Sunday could bring overhead to double overhead+ set waves to standout breaks with size lingering through next Monday.

Beyond that the long-range forecast models show a couple smaller follow up systems getting better NE tracks as they move south of Tahiti and French Polynesia early to mid week.  Could mean another round of SSW-SW (210-220) for around the 8th-10th of September.  Stay tuned.

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Weekly Outlook:
Monday the 31st the new SW energy peaks and should bring overhead-well overhead surf to the region with bigger sets at top exposures.

Tuesday the 1st lingering SW swell will maintain head high to well overhead surf at standouts.

Wednesday the 2nd SW energy starts to fade, with standouts running chest to overhead+.

Thursday the 3rd A little S swell starts to build blending with leftover SW.  Standout breaks should be running waist to head high with better exposures seeing head high+ to overhead surf.

Friday the 4th S swell peaks, with SW energy arriving through eh day boosting wave heights into the chest to overhead+ range.

Saturday the 5th, SW energy takes over, bringing head high to well overhead surf to standouts, biggest late.

Sunday the 6th SW swell peaks with overhead to double overhead+ surf at standouts.