Friday, April 5, 2013

Computer dead... I need your help.

How's it going folks.  First off I want to start by thanking you all for your support the last few years that  I've been offering the free surf forecasts.  I also want to thank you for supporting the other companies I work for,, and others.  Now its time for me to plead for you help to keep them going.

Yesterday after tending to a very sick daughter who vomited all over me a couple times, and struggling to get my forecasts out on time as a result, I sat down after bed time to finish my work.  As I opened my laptop, the screen resemebled that of a hostile Borg take over, rendering my computer useless.  I've been working on the same Macbook Pro since 2007 and its been a workhorse.   I'm pretty hardware savvy and have gone through the diagnostics to figure out what it was, and it looks like the logic board is fried.  Considering its 6 years old and I use it on a daily basis, I'd say it had a good life and served me very well.  I've treated it as my next of kin hoping it would pull through until the forecasting gods shined down on me giving me the compensation needed to buy a new one. Well... that hasn't happened, and I'm left paralyzed by my lack of financial prowess.  This is also going to affect you as well though...  Without the ability to write my forecast, what would you have to distract you from your own work several times a week?

So I'm asking that anyone and everyone that has used the forecasts over the years, or just supports my work to please donate to the 'Computer Fund'.  I need to raise some money to buy a new computer to replace the one what is now probably going to be a very expensive paper weight on my coffee table for quite some time.  I have set up a paypal donation button to allow you to donate what you feel my time and effort is worth.  Every little bit counts and I'm very thankful for what you can help me with.

Thanks again,


  1. Hopefully you get a new comp and that the small donation helped. Also, do you do forecasts for southern ca??

    1. Dude, Andrew... you rock! thanks so much man. And thank you to everyone who has been donating. Its been definitely helping a ton. I hope everyone is ready for the summer. In my case that means packing up the shorter boards and dusting off the logs.