Monday, August 22, 2011

Hurricane Irene!!!

Open ocean seas up to 35 feet WTF?!
She’s a CAT 1 right now and located about 55 miles WNW of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Last night when I checked Irene out, she was still a TS, and looked like she was going to remain that way for a couple days… but wow did she pull a fast one on me/us.  She became much more organized overnight.  Sustained winds right now are at around 80mph and she’s pegged to continue building over the next several days reaching Major Hurricane status early Thursday over the Bahamas.  Then she looks like she’s going to stay off the Florida and Georgia Coast, but B-line it for the southern coast of South Carolina by Saturday morning.  This is not going to be pretty for the Southeast Coast, although the resulting swell could have a window of a few hours before it gets nasty.  Stay Tuned.

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