Monday, April 11, 2011

"Anne-Marie! Do the interns get glocks?" -Steve Zissou

Well Its official, I've taken on an intern... Please put your hands and flippers together for Mr. Marc Cilurzo, an aspiring Geography student at UCSB, surfer and all around super stoked guy.  Marc's going to help me out and start giving Santa Barbara a little more love on the forecasting and reporting front.  So starting this week, we're going to be offering a short forecast and short-range outlook for Santa Barbara.  Marc will be taking the reigns and learning what it means to know entirely too much about the ocean...


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  2. Thanks for the introduction Austin, I'm amped to be on board!

    My first Santa Barbara Short-Range Forecast will be coming out later tonight ... stay tuned and pray for tuuubes!

    Marc Cilurzo (: