Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm not here to play clean up after the janitors have their fun...

I'm not exactly sure how to vocalize how I feel right now.... All I know is that I'm frustrated.  Woke up this morning early to get out and beat the crowds, catch a couple waves before my day really got underway.  The surf was fun, there were some clean lines, and I was one of 3 people out.... Well kinda.  The other two were paddle boarders.  Now, you'd think that with it being a pretty much empty lineup, that the competition would be non-existent the vibe would be mellow, and everyone would be catching plenty of waves.  Not exactly.  My frustration lies within the feeling that paddle boarders must have picked up a different set of rules for the line-up during their short evolution.  Now this doesn't apply to all paddle boarders, I'm not talking about those of you that play by the rules, and are considerate of others around you.  I'm mainly speaking to those who are inconsiderate, selfish and altogether dangerous.  When every set wave is caught by the same kook sweeping his way in from the outside.... just to paddle back out and be in position up top to snipe off the next set wave before its even ridable for the rest of us.  I'm not here to play clean up after the janitors have their fun...

What was supposed to be a glorious sunrise and a much needed surf after a long week, has now started my day off with disdain, frustration and a little bit of hatred.  For those of you who this doesn't apply to, AWESOME, I'm glad that you either have no desire to ruin my day, or have the common decency to play by the gentleman's rules of SURFING.  Gendron-out


  1. I feel your pain Austin! Why don't you get a Jetski and run them over?

  2. I couldn't agree more with you Austin. We have a sticker in Tamarindo with a line crossing out a SUP with the words "save Tamarindo".

    Do what I do and drop your shoulder into them. Course, at 6' and 220, and being an ex rugby player, it's a little easier for me

  3. Send them to the lakes