Monday, November 8, 2010

the end of evening surf...

Yes, that's right for most of you the time change means no more after work sessions, but the plus side is... the winds are better in the mornings for the most part.  So get yourself out of bed a couple hours early this week and grab some surf!  California could see a couple more pulses of NW swell in the next week or two.  Hawaii is in for a nice one soon as well.  Hopefully the East Coast can clean up a bit, conditions out there could be a bit on the chunky side, with all the northerly winds.  Other than that if you're down in Central America in the next couple of weeks, its mainly background swell, but offshore winds have started to pick up.

If anyone is interested in going to Costa Rica let me know.  I'll put you in touch with the guys down at  They'll take care of you, and make sure you have a successful trip.  Check out my report on their site as well, might help with your decision making.

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